Specialized hand therapy programs can enable a return to work and daily activities.

Our heated 10x18' therapy pool, largest in the region, lets us offer a greater range of treatments. The large size enables the therapist to offer one-on-one or group instruction. Unique underwater viewing ports insure proper technique. Controlled heat, variable depth and current generator allow our therapists to condition to any cardiovascular level required.

Proper body mechanics are taught to patients to improve strength, balance and conditioning.

The BIODEX isokinetic system is a computerized extremity machine used in various joint rehabilitation.



• Ultrasound • Whirlpools • Paraffin • Electrical Stimulation • Traction • Biofeedback • Track Master Tread Mill • Work Conditioning • Aerostep Stair Stepper • Body Masters Weight Equipment • BIODEX - Isokinetic Machine • Functional Capacity Evaluation • Manual Lymphatic Drainage • EMG/NCV Testing • Therapy Pool • Home Care • Balance & Vestibular Rehab